2nd April 2020

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Tigerbelly #239

Opie Radio with Des Bishop.

Ask Dr Drew with Christina P. Lots of pooh talk. Background.

Reading New York Times, Guardian, latest Coronavirus numbers. Nightingale hospital.

Reading from X, Y and Z apposite book titles.

Real Ass podcast – Soder and Santino

Amazon: Red Bulls, mirror.

Your Mom’s House podcast, first part before guests.

Game of Thrones

The Mountain

MOUNTAIN V Larat Wotsit

Arm wrestling Aleksandr Schoolboy

New Yorkers challenging Schoolboy

Outing for cods (shopping) state of play and dex from Zen (28 days from March 18th)

Talk about faith in society has to stack up. Cuz it’s better to have motivation to interact, to want to speak to other people – show off, libido, all healthy. Without it one’s left with disconnect, why bother trying? It’s better to try. But it can’t be faked, it’s got to stack up, society must be worth it. Blind faith gone sure but what about optimism instead? That is shot to pieces by every experience of being alive. People are pointless cuz they’re all self interest or autopilot or professional altruists locked into a narrow obsession that’s banal from the outside. Etc.

JRE: Greg Fitzsimmons – tedious repetition re history Americana bullshit

Panzer sushi delivery

Steve-O podcast with Dr Drew

Hormone Replacement Therapy – male testosterone

David Sinclair, Rogan, Rhonda Patrick regimen

UKMEDS buying metformin / testosterone gel / sourcing all the supplements

Rug parents call. Dad the Trump orthodoxy mouthpiece. Details re coronavirus response but it’s all about abdicating responsibility, following God, irresponsible?? Faith.

Dr Drew Coronavirus update

Irish Goodbye podcast (livestream)

Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast – Old Testament (first few episodes) – fun Patreon community, quite diverse / quality personality types in the little community.

Joshua Crabbe: can I be the other half of this ham on rye comment thread we got going on? [can’t tell if you’re joshing there or being crabby, Joshua Crabbe]

Evan Gallagher: TURD SHOULD HAVE PRAYED TO ST ANHONY BUT HE DID NOT!!! [he shouted, watching it describe a regal carousel into the u-bend]

British and American toilets are plumbed similar but have different water levels and different flush effect. WHY? Research is needed. Do they both have U-bends? What the fuck is a U-bend? Is it the curving pipe? I thought that was an S-bend.

I see. So the U-bend was invented by Thomas Crapper (Brit, 1880) as an improvement on the S-bend of Alexander Cumming (Scot, 1775). This first modern flush toilet was an evolution on an invention by John Harrington (English, 1596).

6062 deaths from coronavirus in the United States, quarter of a million cases and just over 10,000 recovered. UK at 33718 cases, 2921 kicked the bucket.

John Harrington was a Renaissance man. Here’s his story. Harrington was godson to Queen Elizabeth the First – the childless queen had 102 god-children. Harrington was a charming man by all accounts, literary and bohemian. Elizabeth nicknamed him her “saucy godson”.

Harrington was of good blood, his father a poet and a staunch defender of Princess Elizabeth – imprisoned for his loyalty – rewarded once she came to the throne by the gift of Stoughton Grange, a large estate in the middle of England. John’s grandfather was probably the Lancastrian James Harrington, who died in the Battle of Bosworth Field at the end of the War of the Roses. What fun.

John Harrington’s bawdy, boozy, licentious behaviour eventually pissed off the Queen and she banished Harrington to the family estate – Stoughton Grange – under sentence of never returning to court until he’d completed a near-impossible task of Ancient Greek translation. He completed it, though it took him a few years and – presumably bored and overfed at his family home – passed some of the time inventing the flushing toilet. It may be the word “John” for the toilet, still in common use, is a nod to John Harrington. The Ancient Greek translation is also still in use today.

Harrington returned to court and won back the Queen’s favour. He had a busy life, accompanying Lord Essex on the English campaign to subdue rebellion in Ireland. Despite another period of exile for bad behaviour, Harrington remained close to Queen Elizabeth until her death, surviving the Virgin Queen’s mania for beheading over-ambitious courtiers in her later years. Elizabeth’s final recorded words to Harrington were revealing: “When thou dost feel creeping time at thy gate, these fooleries will please thee less – I am past my relish for such matters.”

Harrington’s life story rolled on into the court of King James I, the Scottish successor to childless Elizabeth, but he became entirely given over to debaucher and carousing (along with a lot of the Catholic monarch’s outer court). He was trusted enough to be employed as tutor to the King’s eldest son and close enough to the aristocratic excesses to write about a noble masque in 1606: “The entertainment and show went forward, and most of the presenters went backward. Or fell down, wine did so occupy their upper chambers”.

Poor Henry Frederick, the Prince, died of typhoid fever in 1612 and John Harrington drank himself to oblivion, dying himself two weeks later aged 52.

The Harrington family estate – Stoughton Grange – endured for 500 years, passing through a few high-ranking families in tact and periodically modernized but in 1926 it had been left empty for some years and was demolished to make way for new developments. The old family had moved out, selling it for breaking up by the expanding city of Leicester.

The extensive lands around Stoughton Grange were given over for large-scale cheap housing after the Second World War. Where they met the edge of Leicester, the council built the Rowlatts Hill estate (and further housing and amenities around it). Rowlatts Hill council estate’s focus was two tower blocks – Orion House and Merion House. These were cheaply made, ugly grey buildings but quickly filled up with working class human beings.

Like most council tower blocks, once built they were left to slowly erode. Meanwhile, hundreds of cheap council houses were thrown up around the towers, extending Leicester all the way to what would’ve been the former Stoughton Grange house gardens. By 2001 the blocks had been condemned. They were demolished but the sprawling council estate remains, populated by lower class, underclass and poor immigrants. Like a hundred similarly shit domestic-abuse incubators attached to almost every town in the UK, these form a significant chunk of the Brexit-voting base of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party victory in December 2019.

Worth noting, in contrast, the opposite edge of the Stoughton Grange lands – where the old house had been – Leicester’s urban landscape comes to an end and city roads run into farmlands even today. The immediate vicinity of the old Harrington house is streets of more middle class housing and a golf course, a small suburban buffer between the council estates and the countryside.

Three cottages, formerly lodges on the Stoughton Grange estate, remain in tact. listed buildings marking the former location of John Harrington’s home and site of the world’s prototype flushing toilet. The name Stoughton Grange itself lives on as an extended mock-tudor middle class shopping mall (http://stoughtongrange.co.uk/). The little photo collection included gives an impression of the working class, middle class transition.

Once [the flushing toilet] invented, despite being simple and reasonably reliable, widespread use was slow coming. In Britain, the requirement to use traps was introduced only after the Great Stink in London, in the summer of 1858, when the objectionable smell of the River Thames, which was effectively an open sewer, affected the nearby Houses of Parliament. That motivated the legislators to authorise the construction of a modern sewerage system in the city, of which the S-bend was an essential component.


None of this explains why American toilets have high water level and British toilets flush in a different way. That’ll have to wait until another day.


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