3rd April 2020

Legion of Skanks (Joe de Rosa, Aaron Berg) Jewmanji

Eddie Pepitone Live From The Bunker – Day 9 with Tony Atamanuik

Joe and the Juice breakfast – Chicken and Turkey Club Sandwich and Strawberry Power Shake with Plant Protein

Germany Coronavirus 84789 cases, 1109 deaths, 22943 noted recovered. Italy 115495 cases, 13974 deaths, 18278 noted recovered. Spain 112065 cases, 10348 deaths, 26743 noted as recovered. France 59105 cases, 4503 deaths, 12428 noted recovered. Sweden (not in lockdown) 5568 cases, 308 deaths, 103 recovered. Norway 5251 cases, 50 deaths. Critical cases: 3396 Germany, 4053 Italy, 5872 Spain, 6399 France.

China’s achieved a global propaganda (state achievement) in January/February 2020, early in the pandemic, by the lightning-fast building of two new hospital in 12 days, with 2600 available beds total. Xinhua, the Chinese state’s public media face, underscored the ambitious hospital project would be a demonstration, to every other country in the world, of the primacy of Chinese organisation, efficiency, cutting-edge equipment and above all, the benefits of authoritarian central planning with absolute freedom to move millions of workers at the flick of a pen.

China’s government aimed to show off the “nation’s building prowess” (Xinhua). The hospitals were hailed as finished after 12 days, ready for patients after around two weeks. China achieved its propaganda goals, not to mention creating critical new healthcare capacity for the beleaguered Hubei province.

Well done China. Or is it?

The reality looks like a far less special, far more predictable story emerging from Wuhan in fragments despite the Chinese government stepping up censorship, punishing negative reports and ‘vanishing’ doctors who speak to foreign media (or medics). My preconception of authoritarian show-piece projects is the show will always matter more than the project. This applies double to the people forced to be the show-piece’s cast and crew. I see the emerging Wuhan hospital story as very much fitting the show over project/people authoritarian paradigm.

  • The sites of both new hospitals were therefore livestreamed 24/7 so the world could watch Chinese construction flex its muscles.
  • From the outside we watched the building site turn into foundations turn into a modular single storey endoskeleton; and then up went walls, roofs, piping and connections.
  • The two hospitals were reported complete in 12 days.
  • China’s official Xinhua news agency calls the quick turnaround: “Mission Impossible made possible” on February 2nd.
  • Huoshenshan, the smaller, was filled to its 1000 capacity in under 10 days from opening, by February 12th.
  • Huoshenshan was to only be equipped with 60 ICU (intensive care unit) beds.
  • Leibshenshan, larger at 1600 beds, had only 123 patients the day Huoshenshan was overloaded by February 12th. [Business Insider, Feb 13th 2020]
  • Wuhan continued to report desperate shortage of beds and medical facilities as of February 13th.
Huoshenshan hospital on 2nd February, 11th day after start of construction. Leibshenshan hospital was already reported as complete.

Seem to me that most likely the Chinese government proclaimed their “mission impossible made possible” with only one of the hospitals finished, then had to scramble to work out the interior of the 1600 bed Huoshenshan hospital once the announcement was global. It’s not yet clear if Huoshenshan was ever finished as the livestreams shut off and we never got a tour of the interior with the 1600 beds. Typical totalitarian propaganda methods.

I hope Wuhan got its full quota of 2600 ICU-level beds and two hospitals fit for newbuilds in 2020. Perhaps the Chinese govt’s boasting, however groundless in reality, was a useful lift for Chinese population morale versus the coronavirus. I guess that makes it OK they told a few mistruths about the “nation’s builing prowess“. Not sure it’s possible to make OK the kidnapping and/or killing of doctors, for not following gag orders that went against the interests of public health (saving lives).

Without anything close to the fanfare of the Chinese government’s show-piece hospital building, the bumbling Conservative Party in the UK asked the NHS and a British Army medical corps to build a hospital for coronavirus in London. This project was completed in under 12 days [first 500 patient early admission after only 9 days according to BBC report].

4000 ICU (intensive care unit) beds in 80 hospital wards were ready for first patients from 6th April 2020.

In under two weeks the UK had built the world’s largest critical care unit and the third largest hospital in the world.

[Chengdu’s West China Medical Center of Sichuan University has 4500 beds and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan, Taiwan has a 10000 bed capacity.]


Coronavirus: NHS Nightingale becomes world’s largest critical care unit


China added 1600-2600 hospital beds in 12 days, England added 4000
and built the largest critical care hospital in the world in less time. The reality on the ground says a lot about corporate social democracy versus totalitarianism, however much the latter may look advantageous if your figures include a billion workers with no rights.

Make of the above what you will. I’m surprised the half-awake British government was able to simply conjure a massive new hospital, fully equipped with ICU tech and mostly built by volunteers, in less time than the authoritarian centralized Chinese government could half-build two show-piece hospitals despite absolute power, infinite free manpower and access to the whole country’s goods and expertise. There may be unexpected fundamental facts at play here.

Let’s all hope the citizens of London and Wuhan got their much-needed increased hospital capacity, whatever the pros and cons of totalitarianism versus corporate social democracy or the effectiveness of British versus Chinese expertise tackling the construction of new hospital facilities.

Your Mom’s House podcast – half the Tommy Lee + Brittany Furlan jolly prattling interview.

Looked up who the fuck Tommy Lee played for. Motley Crew. Looked up the membership to find that guy we bumped into in Vegas buying 6-shot espresso and chattychatty.

Then Pamela Anderson, read about her transition from bimbo, to bimbo with books, to PETA/animal rights, to political thought, to human rights. Friendship with Julian Assange. It seems like a left-field connection, but only if we think of famous people we don’t know as comic strip characters rather than real human beings. Cuz their connection is perfectly plausible if one follows the development of interests. Pamela Anderson had two kids with Tommy Lee. More vapid model kids who haven’t seen Baywatch (ironically); or keeping the depth offline. Put in an Instagram follow on Pamela Anderson. Immediately autofollowed by a dozen bots offering pics of nude women and webcam models wanting to wibble their frusset pouches for a few bucks. That can’t be good for fans of Pamela’s animal rights activism, or feminism, or human rights activism.

Whisky Ginger Andrew Santino #076 – Flula Borg – German comic-kinetic.

Short lolling nap. Woke from the stupor – dream went rotten – hacker fucking up my computer so I had to turn it off. Which I did and promptly woke up.

Read “In The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts” by Gabor Mate.


USA 277343 cases 7391 deaths 12283 recovered 5421 critical.

UK 38168 cases 3605 deaths, no new figures recovered or severe/critical.

Germany Coronavirus 84789 91077 cases, 1109 1277 deaths, 22943 26888 noted recovered. 3396 3396 critical.

Italy 115495 119827 cases, 13974 14681 deaths, 18278 19758 noted recovered, 4053 4053 critical.

Spain 112065 119199 cases, 10348 11198 deaths, 26743 30513 noted as recovered, 5872 6416 critical.

France 59105 64338 cases, 4503 6507 deaths, 12428 14008 noted recovered, 6399 6399 critical.

Sweden (not in lockdown) 5568 6131 cases, 308 358 deaths, 103 205 recovered. Norway 5251 5366 cases, 50 57 deaths, 32 recovered.

Joe Rogan Experience #1453 with Eric Weinstein – podcast episode, while editing categories and tags and sorting out the 5000 books on our Calibre library content server.

1M50ish – “God I love being American,” says Eric Weinstein, after the 25mg edible starts to kick in. He’s watching some castrato dancing from the early part of the 19th century, their elegance and poise, and says “So much amazing stuff comes out of this great country.” To his credit, Joe doesn’t roll with the sentiment. “Pure American ingenuity,” bollocks on Weinstein. Then rolls into some compliments to Joe about how big the reach of his podcast has become, and how it lets Eric tell the world about all the fabulous things he’s found. Like dancing castrato acrobats.

I hate the sentiment.