Number 10 will use October’s shenanigans to fight the GE under conditions most favourable to the Conservatives winning an absolute majority. That done, Boris will have secured a 5 year mandate and ended Parliament’s obstruction subsequent govt deals. Boris will be able to impose Brexit. Meantime, using the authority of parliamentary majority, he’ll deregulate the UK for big capital to carve up. Brexit will sign off on the UK’s future.

And Boris will be the PM who got Brexit done. The carve-up, like austerity, will be paid for by the voters. That part won’t be publicized. Indeed, everything else is misdirection to serve these ends.

Reality is parsed through the prism of storytelling. This can be beautiful, distilled intensity that’s emotional and compelling. It can be horrifying, focused on fears and misery. In all cases it’s occupying; it passes the day. Trouble is, the storytelling may have outlived its usefulness and what no doubt has driven homo sapiens to date may now be the recipe for our extinction.

Figures for the 2016 Brexit Referendum unto 2020 UK electorate @ EU Referendum 46.5 million + @ June 2017 General Election 46.8 million 2016 Turnout: 72.1%: Leave: 17,410,742 @ 51.89% Remain: 16,141,241 @ 48.11% Did Not Vote: 12,948,018 Not Eligible 18,099,099 (under 18, foreign but long-term resident, etc) Breakdown by Age (700,000 births annually, 530,000 […]