Spin, false narratives and dirty money are only effective because those of us committed to truth (and reality) WON’T step out of our comfort zones to PERSONALLY engage with the millions of voters manipulated into self-harm by Johnson/Farage confidence trickery. #BrexitDebate Every voice with a platform has devolved to mere soundbite relay, spinning the day’s […]


Berlin. Kreuzberg. If you don’t know it, you should. The street is Weinerstrasse. No reason you should know that one, unless… It’s late evening; but that’s hardly important. He pushes open the heavy double doors to the battered, grey-facade altbau. Immediately he is part of the wonderful l’odour of sweat, piss and dirty cheap kebabs. […]


The time will pass. I’m writing this to kill time. There’s nothing to say that matters, not even I’m alive, do you hear? Partly because there is no you. Nobody I want to be writing to anyway. Unless it’s drugs. Dear heroin. Dear amphetamine. But that’s a letter so short it’s illegible. Just a scrawl, […]

My phone just pinged to tell me the International Space Station is passing overheard so I hauled myself out of bed onto the terrace. It’s warm out, still in the middle of a heatwave, but night and gently breezy. It’s actually really quite nice. There’s not a cloud in the sky and the twenty or […]

What is psilocybin? It is produced naturally by hundreds of types of mushroom across the world. It is molecularly very similar to DMT (D-methyltryptamine) in that it becomes a neurotransmitter (psilocin) and where serotonin goes, DMT or psilocin can go. Psilocybin (psilocin) increases concentration of dopamine without being an agonist: density goes up, frequency does […]


Our conscious personality is the iceberg tip of a multidimensional internal universe. The tip can’t know much about what’s happening in the exponentially larger netherspace – except sometimes as vague intuitions and the rise and fall of emotion. Psychedelic excitation – like a D.M.T. trip – brings tip and base into contact temporarily. It’s a […]