It must be such a thrill to be living through these coronavirus days, with the shared enemy non-human and politically, the media-driven panic a protracted break in routine and an excuse for proactive hoarding of food and toiletries. Universal fear-mongering media clickbait feeds the public just enough useful facts to keep everyone unbalanced, needy and glued to their information streams. It’s a godsend for populations used to the past few years diet of unrewarding tribal bickering on social media and workaday toil. In a way, it’s the ultimate evolution of the reality show.

Human beings aren’t computers. We calculate slowly. Our memories are fallible. Our brains struggle to work with anything over a few variables at the same time without having to use external aids (pieces of paper, calculator, spreadsheet etc). Does this mean we’re living on borrowed time, like the mainstream mass media would have us believe?

Answers to frequently asked questions about psilocybin, DMT (D-methyltryptamine, a.k.a. the spirit molecule) and the pineal gland (the human brain’s atrophied third eye, a.k.a. the dreamcaster). Some answers may be familiar but there is new and original theory here too, as part of the “Five Lateral Essays on Consciousness” collection.