Google: “How do I use your laptop webcam as a camera for your smartphone?” It used to be an art, finding the best wording to put into Google, to narrow down results until they’re on point, no matter how esoteric the info searched for. It’s a major problem: corporatized tech the world over is devolving. It’s the opposite of progress. Tech itself is improving but function is degrading. This must stop.

Post-modernism has society in a death grip, universities and the media the twin prongs of the vice. Where did this phenomenon come from and why, despite all attempts at push-back, does woke culture, identity groupthink mediocrity and reductive relativism, tighten its suffocating hold on the English-speaking world? This ‘long read’ is an attempt at answering the most slippery question of our 21st Century.

The uneducated and the experts get a lot of flak from trained gatekeepers with big platforms but the antipathy is self-serving virtue signalling designed to cover up a degrading groupthink that’s steadily retarding the progress of our society to a virtual standstill. The recent Dawkins Eugenics “controversy” is a case in point.