On 12th December 2019 the United Kingdom goes to the polls in the most divisive, fucked up election in living memory. Whether the voters know it or not, the stakes are enormous. Similarly high stakes play out in the United States in November 2020.
Will the UK (and the USA, in 2020) have woken up to the existential threats to their long-term future or has big capital already conditioned the people of these great nations into turkeys voting for Christmas?

Psilocybin. D-methyltryptamine. Ayahuaska. Psychedelics. Ingesting Dreams. Transcending Spacetime. Alien Worlds. Encounters with Angels. Meeting the Machine Elves. Psilocybin occurs naturally in Magic Mushrooms. The laboratory isolated the psychoactive chem, distilling it as Dimethyltryptamine or D.M.T. It’s often called the Spirit Molecule. Psychedelics are fascinating. For decades – particularly since public research was abruptly curtailed by […]

Thinking aloud about instinct versus forethought, how the former is favoured by intense reaction-feelings and mythologised a thousand ways in human society while the latter is labelled passionless, not as authentic, worthy of less trust. Like so much that’s terra homo sapiens, the reality and our future may realise it’s completely topsy turvy; the precise opposite of what’s current social axiom.