Psilocybin and DMT and the Pineal Gland (Third Eye)

Answers to frequently asked questions about psilocybin, DMT (D-methyltryptamine, a.k.a. the spirit molecule) and the pineal gland (the human brain's atrophied third eye, a.k.a. the dreamcaster). Some answers may be familiar but there is new and original theory here too, as part of the "Five Lateral Essays on Consciousness" collection.

Meeting The Alt-Conscious Aliens In Your Brain

Psychedelic excitation - as in a D.M.T. trip - brings us into contact with strange transcendent beings, sentient entities that seem independent, conscious and 100% real. But what are these machine elves? Are they real? Has DMT opened the 'third eye'? Are we communicating with aliens, across the universe divide?

From Common “Free” Market to Government For The Corporations, by the Corporations

The bubble burst in the Financial Crisis of 2008. This was a global moment of vulnerability for big capital and entrenched political power. It could have resolved in an accountable financial system, had governments been less under the thumb of corporate and banking power. What emerged from 2009 was the opposite of accountable...


Lying around listening to podcasts, casually browsing the web and flicking through Twitter. It is vaguely engaging. It's pleasantly numb. Is this what it feels to have a terminal illness of the mind?