With Demand Soaring, Congress Weighs Adding $250 Billion in Small-Business Aid

The vast sums of money being passed out by Congress get often referred to as AID, as in the above article about the latest so-called small business relief. But it’s not aid, when it’s a loan not a gift, underwritten by gov’t but managed through the banks.

Isn’t this just government causing recession – by ordering lockdown (instead of spending money on test and trace, as has been so successful in South Korea) – then underwriting loans issued by banks, who then profit from interest in a hyper-invigorated demand.

What’s more isn’t the government using taxpayer revenue, to inject into the banks, to be loaned out to qualifying applicants? Doesn’t that mean bank’s profit all ways i.e. money from gov’t bailout swells coffers interest on loans unwritten by gov’t funds

It must be such a thrill to be living through these coronavirus days, with the shared enemy non-human and politically, the media-driven panic a protracted break in routine and an excuse for proactive hoarding of food and toiletries. Universal fear-mongering media clickbait feeds the public just enough useful facts to keep everyone unbalanced, needy and glued to their information streams. It’s a godsend for populations used to the past few years diet of unrewarding tribal bickering on social media and workaday toil. In a way, it’s the ultimate evolution of the reality show. The scenario combines urgency and sense of risk. It is involving everyone, it’s unpredictable yet constant, its presence excuses all forms of self-indulgence and it’s looking like there’s the promise of weeks – maybe months – of 24/7 episodes.

Julius T. Firefly (President of Freedonia)

Best of all, in this greatest of evolutions in the world-conquering reality show format, the interactive coronapanic reality show includes you. And everyone else in the audience too.

Evictions from the Coronavireality show happen daily but, at this stage [mid-March 2020] it’s only a tiny percentage (0.000139%) of the global population (audience). That said, everyone’s in the lottery whether they like it or not and who’d argue death counts aren’t compelling viewing?

“This corona reality show format’s got legs.”


undefinedEssential Factsundefined

At the risk of pushing against the tide, and while 100% supporting the countries of the world focusing the appropriate expertise on efficient, coordinated response to the spread of coronavirus, a few things keep troubling me.


The most dangerous aspect of the novel coronavirus is the two weeks of asymptomatic carrying THE VIRUS WITHOUT KNOWING IT.

Once an individual has perceptible symptoms and presents at a hospital or medical facility, coronavirus tests happen and medical treatments can be set in motion etc.

But during the first few asymptomatic but infected weeks, the carrier is in contact with the world. Who knows how much infection has been spread? It seems crazy to leave this factor to play out, across the unknown numbers of carriers, spreading the coronavirus unwittingly. Recent efforts to limit large gatherings will reduce infection rates. Keeping public travel minimal and social distancing will help, sure. But why no attempt to cover the critical asymptomatic period? This is what sets coronavirus apart, from previous strains.


Media is driving much of the coronavirus narrative. The sheer volume of clickbait gossip interlarded with information (some relevant, some accurate, some misleading) is exponentially increasing fear – and panic – in the general public. Why doesn’t the government publish an advisory, for the media outlets, to ensure accurate key numbers are front and centre – with instructions of the day and latest objective developments in brief? This would leave the media free to otherwise fill their pages with bullshit but keep a handle on the facts for those who don’t spend their time in a fantasy reality show version of life.

The figures published are great for inspiring panic but terrible for giving a proper perspective on the spread of the coronavirus. I suspect the governments are using coercive tactics to keep the reported numbers of infected low e.g. limiting public testing, since each confirmed case must be reported and become amplified around the world. High numbers make for more panic. What’s more, none of the widespread publicized numbers showing country by country coronavirus spread give enough data to make for a useful context.


If the country of Bibble has a population of 100 million and reports 10,000 confirmed infected, 100 dead and 900 recovered, it will be placed accordingly in the “league table” of the coronavirus pandemic. But this gives no info about how widespread the virus is. Let’s say Bibble has only tested 20,000 people. 50% infection rate. That would be a nightmare situation for its citizens. Or what if Bibble has actually tested 50 million people and only found 10,000 infected? That would be a dream for the citizens and signify corona has had little impact on the country.

The regularly published infection numbers seem doubly designed to sensationalize by not differentiated (in any way) the severity of the infection – or its progression, over time, as it runs through the population.

Why no ongoing figure for numbers hospitalized and/or numbers in critical condition? Or numbers going into hospital versus numbers discharged? Or numbers falling critical versus numbers recovering back to the regular ward?

Consider this simple dynamic. Country A could show a panic-inducing 10000 infected versus Country B with a reassuringly low 500 infected. But if Country A has only 100 in hospital and 10 critical condition, where Country B has 300 hospitalized and 200 in serious danger, it’s Country A that’s on top of the coronavirus and citizens of Country B who should be panicking.


Coronavirus is transmitted through the air, by infected people breathing out and then other people coming into contact e.g. breathing it in, some of it landing on food or surfaces then being picked up by your fingers and getting into your body via the face next time you touch it.

Masks aren’t effective for keeping oneself free from risk of being infected with coronavirus.

They’re not airtight, they gather schmutz (virus positive) from the air around the edges of the mask, making it more likely to breathe in or transmit by touch when the mask is taken on/off or adjusted.

Why do they wear surgical masks in operating theatres? It’s not to keep germs off the medical staff, it’s to protect the patient from gems the staff breathe out into the sterilized closed environment. This is key.

Anyone wearing a mask for coronavirus is protecting not themselves but everyone else.


Those poor much-maligned Asians who wear masks in public aren’t disdainfully trying to keep your dirty germs out. They’re trying to save you from infections they might be breathing out. I’ve not seen this point made by any of our wonderful fear-porn clickbait media. Plenty of anti-China talk about disgusting wet market eating habits. Not a word on the good sense of trying to minimize chance of passing on the virus, particularly during that asymptomatic two weeks. The exponential spread of coronavirus in Europe and Asia feels a bit like karma.

Wouldn’t it be better to have everyone infected or close to those infected (and thus possibly infected but asymptomatic) wearing masks to prevent further spread? Short of testing whole populations (which isn’t being done) isn’t the widespread use of masks – for infected and potentially infected (asymptomatic) individuals – the only way to minimize the spread of the virus, especially between asymptomatic carriers? Complete quarantine isolation simply isn’t feasible for entire populations.


Why not use people who’ve recovered – once tested so we know they’re clean and have (antibodies immunity) – to fill gaps in key contact roles or support those who are?

Wouldn’t it be less disruptive to society, instead of shielding the elderly from exposure in all these ad hoc ways, to house them in safe surroundings?

Let the virus play out among people younger who’re not at more risk than regular flu. Release the high risk geriatrics soon as the coast is clear.


Here’s some hanging questions.
  • Does the virus need to mutate for people to catch it again, like a regular flu?
  • What are the reinfection rates?
  • IS there a credible, up-to-date summary list of worldwide antivirals in the pipeline, how far advanced each is, what results expected, what the medication hopes to achieve, etc?

With this continuous furore being driven by clickbait journalism from all sides of the media spectrum, so little concrete or consistent, useful information given airtime (e.g. from those with authority and/or expertise) it’s hardly surprising millions of mouth-breathing morons are daily ransacking supermarkets. Panic buying. Hoarding. Why the proles are obsessed with toilet paper, however, is anyone’s guess.




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