UK Election 2019 – T minus Four Weeks

Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party – Scotland First Minister)

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
And this particular fox will be happy to work with the dog most likely to stop Becky and/or give Scotland its second independence referendum.

What may be most significant is the SNP will likely win 10-12 seats from the Conservatives in Scotland. The DUP may suffer too. This gives the Conservatives a shortfall they’ll need to make up by winning seats from Labour or the LibDems in England.

Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrats)

It should be clear a prehustings agreement is both the way to defeat the Tories AND in the best interests of both parties. Win win.

Fighting divided where it’s not necessary equals handing 80-100 seats to the Conservatives. AGAIN.


The LibDems are mostly good well-intentioned people but they’ve been handing the UK over to Tory gov’t for almost a century. Jo Swinson is the latest pointless cat’s paw. All she’s going to do it hand Boris Johnson a majority.

How can LibDems, in good conscience, be making hard Brexit happen? By their own rhetoric, stopping Brexit is their one fixed goal. It is mind-bendingly stupid.

Disaffected Tories would naturally have voted LD. Swinson is a disaster, lost in short-sighted grasping ambition. We can only hope the one nation Tories look past that. That’d means the only thing that’ll hand the seat to the Tories will be LD eating fruitlessly into the Labour voteshare. Which they’re relentlessly trying to do.

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour – Leader of the Opposition)

Corbyn is a throwback with what seems an outmoded idea of the effectiveness of one nation socialism in a country like the UK. That said, he strikes me as honest. His politics are driven by a sincere belief in wealth sharing, in holding corporations accountable, in funding public services, ringfencing the NHS and thwarting the capitalist gaming that’ll profit personally at the expense of the country. Brexit? At least he was honest again. Neutral. That’s the only way to keep Labour and the union cabals in step.

The media is mostly arranged against Corbyn, badmouthing him from the start and spreading misdirection consistently since his election. A better politician might have nipped this in the bud but Corbyn isn’t capable of this type of communication. He’s conventional, prim, lousy at schmoozing egos and thus prone to upset those not wholly on point with the Labour program.

Reconcile socialist yin with New Labour yang. Needs enough good grace to get pro-active about party divisions.

Nationalise versus privatise is MUCH more complex than slogans can responsibly cover. Thatcher selling off public utils broke up many calcifying monoliths. Rewind won’t work. Effective nationalisation is a maze; one hard solution, every wrong turn makes things worse.

Reconciling the spectrum of idealogy with what’s best, here and now, for that UK is the only way Labour wins elections. Makes LibDems and centrist Tories irrelevant too.

The anti-semitism is a shameful mix: media sensationalism, exploiting clickbait, pressing an anti-Corbyn, right wing agenda and manipulation by pro-active Netanyahu influence pissed off about Corbyn not being fully on board with Israel over Palestine. It’s amazing how much easier it is to be won over by misinformation that chimes with useful predisposed prejudice than to stay faithful to the truth.

My impression is that Labour IS a supporter of de facto free movement but has stepped back from publishing it as a manifesto promise to softly softly certain high ranking dissenters and minimise loss of Labour voters who’ve bought into the weaponised immigration narrative.

We’ll see how it pans out but polling is a powerful propaganda tool and it’s being worked full time for the Conservatives. Will it be enough to give them a majority?

Boris Johnson (Conservative – Prime Minister)

Voters are pliable. Widespread persistence of irreconcilable demands by “Leave” voters says more about their having given over autonomy on Brexit to perceived legitimate “Leave” leaders. Boris could define Brexit in a form the people could vote on. But that isn’t Boris’s agenda.

Boris is playing a role and he plays it well enough to be taken seriously by the electorate. No sign yet of a great awakening of the British public!

Farage’s role in the trillion dollar deregulation game mustn’t undermine Boris bringing home Parliamentary majority. Hence Brexit Party withdrawing MPs and Farage being mostly quiet since. Maybe a safe consistency is arranged but a seat is chump change next to the bonanza that’ll follow a Boris win Dec 12th. Farage has already earned shares in that.

The stakes are very high this election. Primarily because the whole Tory party leadership is a hardline right-wing plot that’s going to turn the UK into a deregulated snake-pit for super rich and corporate speculators; and in the process grift billions into offshore tax-free accounts for an inner circle of British enablers.

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