Social media is a quixotic chain gang, prisoners shackled together by some antithesis of merit – failed wannabe artists, lazy scavengers of other people’s renown – craving the recognition talent might have brought them, to fill the void of unfulfilled sociopath self-regard.

Social media populates a ‘court’ of public opinion towards which the tireless chain gang flushes out targets beaten out from the soft cover of the media landscape. The spotlight soon fixes its coruscating glare on the accused and the occasions act as hate amplifiers, weaponizing self-important virtue-signalling into an emotional gluten, coagulating facts, context, scale, nuance and individual human empathy into the vicious viscous bile of mob outrage.

The court verdict – guilty – is inevitable but the chain gang has become addicted to the authoritarian power of the moral high-ground, focusing the ‘court’ on its duty to democratize a death sentence by apportioning the outrage bile, given a little salt by repetitions of word violence (outing, predator, victim, criminal, exile, power, abuse) so the chain gang can finally come into its own: preparing the public gallery for the next iconoclasm, self-congratulating as the spoonfeed the open-mouthed mob on warm unforgiving diarrhoea.

(250 words)

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