Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg  are often condemned for being “posh”. Private schools en masse are targets for the wrecking ball as bastions of entitled “privilege”.

Words become redefined to suit underlying goals, proliferated into millions of opinions by mass media to such an extent the words become appropriated and twisted to make public discourse more narrow, less free flowing pursuit of truth, more rigid parroting of ready-loaded assumptions.

Boris Johnson is certainly a turd but “posh”, while evocative and no doubt a useful journalistic shortcut to hit a reader’s sensibilities, is a poisonous word to use.

“Posh” isn’t poison to the current Tory gov’t or its privileged frontmen but to the opposition parties and left-leaning journalists abusing the word and, more corrosively, to the British people themselves, as it becomes conflated with excellence, expertise and education ambition.

Greed and abuse of privilege are bad.

Philanthropy and lifelong professional excellence are good.

Wealth is agnostic.

Conflating all these through a prism of ideological hyperbole causes great harm across society. It becomes an enabling act for tribalism, division and a bitter culture hunting for easy scapegoats to blame rather than big picture standards to master and improve.

Modern countries don’t benefit from tribalism.

Blame culture is a nation rotting from the inside and it soon becomes an excuse for tearing down where we should be striving to surpass.

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