Stories have been the psychosocial crutch that’ve kept our species sane – individually – in an awful unpredictable fear-filled world. The price has been high but here we were in the 21st century, 7 billion plus human brains parsing the universe through prisms of vast collective narratives that affect every moment and define – for most – every reaction, every thought, every decision.

As more has been gathered under the aegis of science – and many of the enduring stories debunked to the point of polarizing “reality or faith” – comfort driven by consumer capitalism and stabilising power dynamics – the luxury of the echo chamber becomes a poison.

Who can be surprised billions choose simple self-aggrandizement stories pegged to authority sources that must be defended as dogma by the adherents. The choice is possible nowadays.

Polarisation is a threat but in the 21st century this may not bounce back into tribal nationalist ambition. It can remain luddite isolation. This is a dangerous time. Isolation is parochial, compounding a submission to dogma stories that’re the antithesis of vibrant cross-pollinating individualism.

Stories don’t go anywhere; or else they push the path of least resistance most ego to the flashpoint where it runs into reality and must fight to redefine other luddite narratives. Some win. Most lose. One day we may all lose and the planet will know a sixth mass extinction. Homo sapiens.

The above is the main argument but the key here is properly explaining what’s the history, what’s happening now, how all the fake news and polarised bolx and social media propaganda: it’s all stories. The dogma worshippers are always so certain, undistracted by details like nuance, truth, fact, etc.

Boredom: God of the gaps? Real life creativity comes from the boredom. Excess processing capacity has got go somewhere; and therefore there is imagination.

Why the fuck are cereal packets so patriotic? In fact, why the fuck is food all about nationalism these days? British strawberries, what the fuck!

Intuition is conviction that doesn’t show the working; to oneself.

The importance of discussing the latest media gossip about government, politics, memes or pop stars: it may seem like the importance comes from how much your life is affected by the details of whatever is being gossiped about but that’s a trap. The REAL significance should be how much impact you make (or could be making) on those details; else the quickest route to cutting it out of the daily conversation should be taken.

Then came the ceremony, the sugar-communion of the ayahuaska brew, and all the others giddy with excitement about meeting alien intelligence and travelling all across the universe. It wasn’t aliens, though. It isn’t an encounter with divine omnipotent love. The familiarity, the sense of belonging communicated by the strange shining beings who seemed to know everything about me, was real. But the personality fractals were all held within.

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