Germany: Elections 2018 Trends and Results

Some notes:

Greens and AfD in Hesse up 10% each, direct bleed from CDU and SPD.

CDU in coalition with Greens.

Greens ran on climate change biggest issue facing the world and open borders/open immigration/social democracy platform.

AfD ran on old school right wing capitalism rules, market forces solve all problems. Except immigrants who should fuck off. Less social democracy, more national socialism, cough.

CDU platform? SPD platform?

Hesse left wing took 78 seats. CDU and AfD and right wing took 58 seats. This means govt of the left possible for the first time without centrist CDU coalition. Hesse and Bavaria basically 90% left to centrist, only marginal 10% right wing xenophobic wankers.

This major trend in the world’s 4th biggest economy and engine of the eurozone, world’s most influential bloc, is conspicuously absent in the English language press. They focus only on some inane lazy parroting of a Merkel falls from grace storyline, Reuters origin, echoed across 100s of mainstream media outlets as their headlines.

Surely on some level this spin is predetermined? After all what’s possible in a country is strongly influenced by what happens in other countries they view as successful and defining. UK and US have a mostly discredited powerless Greens and a simmering unelectable left message that’s effective at keeping the status quo. Germany’s results need to be kept out of the public conversation to minimise their threat.